Agroalliance Ukraine Ltd

The company “Agroalliance Ukraine”

The company “Agroalliance Ukraine” Ltd on the Ukrainian market for more than eight years.

Since 2010, they are the importer and exclusive representative in Ukraine of Omex Agrifluids, England, an Omex fertilizer producer for foliar top dressing. Within six years of work in Ukraine, they were able to develop and optimize fertilization programs for Omex fertilizers for most basic crops: field, vegetable and perennial. Omex fertilizers also use large agricultural enterprises and small farmers, where the technology of cultivation is at a high level. Fertilizers are used by agricultural producers throughout Ukraine in all soil and climatic conditions of cultivation.
The enterprise is one of the largest suppliers of vegetable seeds. We work with selections from many countries: Holland, Italy, Canada, Korea and many others. In the sentence there are seeds of the main vegetable crops: onions, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers. Also we can offer very special products: yellow and pink tomatoes, colored bows different in shape, etc.
To optimize work with agricultural producers, we supply drip irrigation systems from the world’s leading manufacturers.
For agricultural producers, we are ready to give solutions for mechanizing the process of growing garlic with machinery and equipment from JJ Broch, Spain.

The main business areas:

1. Foliar top dressing of plants with OMEX fertilizers (manufactured in Great Britain).

2. High-quality technique for growing garlic and vegetables by JJ Broch, S.L. (production – Spain).

3. Seeds of vegetable cultures of Dutch and American selection.

4. Drip irrigation systems.

Extra-root fertilizing of plants with OMEX fertilizers from Omex Agrifluids Ltd. Saddlebow Road, King’s Lynn Norfolk, PE34 3JA, England.
Uniqueness of OMEX fertilizers:
Formulation of fertilizers Omex is an emulsion.
Formulations of fertilizers are selected taking into account the physiological needs of plants in different periods of growth and development of plants.
This allows the use of fertilizers in the early periods of plant growth and development, when the ambient temperature does not allow the use of other fertilizers.

Presence of silicone adhesive with the function of reactivation and moistening.
This makes it possible to apply OMEX in stressful periods of growth and development of crops. Even a small amount of rosa is enough to allow fertilizers to again enter the leafy surface of plants.

Omex is compatible with almost all plant protection products, except those containing aluminum fosetil.
Application in tank mixtures with plant protection products provides long-term and prolonged action of drugs

OMEX is used in all crops.
One of the main conditions for achieving sustainable and high yields of vegetable crops is – foliar top dressing of plants.
Foliar top dressing of plants with OMEX fertilizers promotes favorable growth and development of plants.

Low fertilizer costs for OMEKS foliar top dressing and their introduction contribute to a high and high-quality harvest, and also results in a high return on costs when using these fertilizers.

We give recommendations on the application of fertilizers to:
– Cereals and industrial crops;
– Vegetable crops;
– Gardens and vineyards;
– On berry crops.