The business plan

The business plan is developed in two types:

Full-fledged business plan on the basis of technical assignment. In the development of such a business plan, an economist, accountant, agronomist – technologist and specialists in addition, depending on the goals and objectives. As a rule, the implementation of such a business plan takes place in 2-6 months. The price depends on the volume of the technical assignment and the depth of study.
Simple business calculation on two or three sheets of Exel with an explanatory note in Word. This calculation includes almost all operations for planting and selecting equipment for garden maintenance. Formula tables allow you to simulate various options for calculations by changing tariffs, prices and volumes, etc. The price for this work is substantially lower than the previous variant.
For the first understanding of investments in the walnut growing business, depending on different technologies, we can provide a table of investments at the stage of planting a garden and reaching the break-even point.

Note: over time, all the numbers that we provide in business plans have been confirmed with an accuracy of 90%, which we consider a high indicator, but every business plan is unique!

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