We provide consultations by phone and at individual meetings. For our customers who have bought or ordered seedlings, we conduct more extensive consultations, we invite to all our seminars, as well as send out newsletters and warnings.

It should be noted that we are engaged exclusively in industrial walnut gardens, so the number of varieties is small. These are the classic varieties: Cossack, Calarasi, Chisinau, Kogylgnichanu, Korzheutsky, Kostiugensky, Skinos and intensive varieties: Taisia ​​and Timothy. These varieties have been tested in industrial gardens for more than 20 years, the entire technology of growing and maintaining gardens on these varieties is known. We are engaged in research and improvement exclusively within the framework of industrial gardens. We are engaged in a walnut garden as a business that should yield income every year regardless of weather conditions and must go out to industrial fruition for the 5th-6th year for classic varieties and 3-4 for intensive varieties. It is on industrial fruition, and not “must see nuts” … Therefore, we conduct consultations exclusively in the framework of our activities and do not evaluate other varieties and other companies. We advise in the framework of the presented varieties and technologies of the industrial garden.

Call by phone: +38 067 447 5871 Sergey Nikolaevich,

or the retail department: +38 067 447 5867 Edita Eduardovna,

as well as our representative for Poltava and adjacent regions: +38 096 431 1237 Larisa Vladimirovna,

and we will try to answer your questions within the framework of our company.

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