Drilling holes

We offer drilling holes with a diameter of 60 cm and a depth of 1 m.

“Alcor S” in its composition has three tractors with the same drill diameter of 60 cm and the possibility of drilling to a depth of 1 m. Depending on the complexity and various conditions, we can drill from 1,500 to 2,500 holes for a working daylight hours. Tractors in your walnut industrial garden are transported in one car, you only need to provide a place for unloading, a congress of tractors and accommodation of a team of tractor drivers with a car driver while working in your garden. This team has extensive experience in drilling holes in gardens for 20 years.

Drilling holes in your garden will immediately show how correctly and evenly throughout your garden the soil has been developed, whether the heel has been destroyed, at what depth the fertile layer is located, and to what depth deep plowing or deep loosening has been done.

How to correctly, with the proper planning of the organization of an industrial walnut garden on the part of the customer, we are drilling under poles of fencing with drills of a different diameter that we have in stock.

You do not need to have a set of this equipment that you use once.

Call us and we will answer the questions that you have left.

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