Order of seedlings

Order of seedlings.

Yes, it is the order of seedlings. Saplings are not a product that can be stored in the refrigerator or in a warehouse for a long time. And given the fact that the best time for planting a nut garden is autumn, then we have time only in the autumn. 99% of all walnut seedlings we sell in autumn. Before landing, you have a long period of up to one year, will take up the preparation of the land, marking out, drilling holes, time for “ventilating” the holes, organizing irrigation, etc. On some parts of the earth, preparation takes from 2 to 4 years raskorchevka old gardens). And all this time you have to be sure that you will get that material, varieties of seedlings that you want to see in your garden, and most importantly in time. And we can sell only what is on the fields of the kennel! We sell only 2-year-old grafted varieties of walnut seedlings! We do not sell seedlings changing the varietal composition for several days depending on the client’s desire. Therefore, historically, it so happened that with the right approach, our customers order seedlings over a long period of time, and sometimes in two years, to get exactly those types of walnut that they want. Therefore, the “Order” is that part in the creation of an industrial walnut garden which must be decided in advance. But we must immediately stipulate that the order is fixed for the client, if a contract is concluded and prepayment is received according to the payment schedule. You do not pay 100% prepayment, in the contract everything is detailed. We work on a fixed tax without VAT. But since we are the official representative of the fruit growing plant AMG Kernel (Moldova), we can conclude direct contracts and you pay VAT to the customs office receive the goods at the same price with VAT and with all documents in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. We take care of all cares for transport, customs clearance and delivery. Call us and we will answer all your questions that you will have.

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