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Time is a code ane means of protectuon
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Walnut seedlings

The tree of life is so often called a walnut, since for a long time it has been feeding, restoring and healing a person. Even a small handful of walnuts is a storehouse of vitamins and a good prevention of many diseases. Walnuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, essential oils, organic acids and fiber. In spite of the fact that in nuts about 70% of fat, most of these fats are unsaturated, useful ..

Mankind has known for many centuries about the benefits of walnuts. Knows and uses it. Folding and wrinkled walnuts will bring to mind another human organ: the brain. Even the outline of a nut reminds this organ. A division of the walnut into two halves is also similar to dividing the brain into the left and right hemisphere. And the similarity is not surprising, walnuts are not in vain called “food for brains.” They have a very high content of omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain its function.There is an opinion that the skull (man) and the shell (nut) form earlier and harden ( than the brain and the nucleus, respectively.) The brain develops and continues to grow when there is no place to go, it forms symmetrical folds in. The same thing happens with the fruit of the walnut.Open a simple example and look at the fruit of the walnut in the early stage of development and the ripe fruit.

Walnuts in our country were called “walnuts” not because they come from Greece, but because a thousand years ago they were actively traded by Greek merchants. And the homeland of the walnut is considered to be Central Asia, where the Greeks bought it. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus claimed that the Babylonian priests forbade them to eat ordinary people. It was believed that they have a beneficial effect on mental activity, and this “common people do not need anything.” It was not that they feared that the rabbi would finish all the walnuts in the state, but it was simply clever in Babylon to be only the superiors, a tradition inherited from the Babylonian priests and some other people.

Walnut in Latin means “stone fruit of Jupiter”.

All walnut parts are useful: green and ripe fruits, partitions, shell, leaves, wood, bark and roots. 100 grams of nuts contain 700-850 calories. The composition of walnuts is unique: they contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits, they contain macro and microelements, vitamins, iodine, amino acids, easily assimilated vegetable oils. Apply walnuts in the treatment of neuroses, insomnia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidneys, arthritis and endemic goiter. They help with nervous disorders, kidney diseases, skin diseases. And walnuts affect the peristalsis of the intestine positively. From the leaves of the nut make vitamin, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Scientists believe that a day you need to eat 2-5 nuts.

But to get such a wonderful fruit, you first need to grow a tree. The land of Ukraine is 60% suitable for growing walnuts. Natural conditions allow growing walnut in almost every region of Ukraine. And this business is for decades.

Many people know that growing a healthy walnut tree, with fruits that are easy to peck and with excellent taste is not so simple. On trees grown from seedlings, the harvest can be expected for ten and twenty years. And science says that the repetition of the maternal form in walnut is only 3-5%. As a consequence, the question arises of vegetative reproduction. But a walnut is not an apple or pear. It is not easy to plant it. This is a whole science, picking up the stock and the graft, so that they are not antagonists to each other, successfully fused and pleased their owners with high-quality walnuts.

The most successful results in this matter in the post-Soviet space can boast Soroca fruit growing (Moldova). For more than twenty years the nursery has provided the near and far abroad with first-class grafted walnut seedlings. When cultivating a walnut, the elements taken from the technologies of cultivation of the advanced countries in the walnut industry are applied – Moldova, France, Hungary, USA.

The company “Alcor S” is today the official representative of the Soroca fruit growing plant (Moldova), the director Gutsu Viktor Ivanovich, who is part of the AMG-Kernel holding structure.

Our task has always been, is and will provide those who want planting material: varietal walnut seedlings to create classic and highly productive walnut gardens. Provide a full range of services for counseling, planting gardens and conducting walnut business. To conduct training on the basis of industrial gardens of such countries as Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, USA, Chile, etc. Combine the walnut producers to create walnut processing and marketing facilities, both in Ukraine and abroad.

With us you can always buy walnut seedlings and be 100% sure of the variety!

During the existence of the company “Alcor C” in Ukraine, of the grafted walnut seedlings supplied by us, more than 3.5 thousand hectares of gardens have already been laid! These gardens are the visiting card of the company, as a company engaged in the sale of walnut seedlings and providing a full range of services from the project to planting and maintenance of industrial gardens with our customers.

The main direction of the company “Alcor C” is the introduction of walnut into the industrial culture and intensification of production. We are promoting the development of the industry for Ukraine to enter the forefront of the nut business at the international level.
Despite all the difficulties in our life, people have laid, laid and will lay industrial gardens in Ukraine and beyond. After all, they perfectly understand that for them over time it will become a profitable and stable business that will bear fruit to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren …