Mysnik E.V.

Mysnik E.V. – the real manufacturer of this biohumus.

They produce real biohumus, which corresponds to the best agrotechnical indices.
In biohumus up to 40% of pure humus.

As practice shows, 80% of biohumus in the Ukrainian market is falsified. Under the guise of biohumus, peat is sold, a humus of doubtful quality, soil mixture, a liquid of unknown composition. Not always the contents correspond to the label. This biohumus has in its composition not less than 20% of pure humus and looks like black peat in appearance.

Biohumus is a product of processing organic remains by a special kind of earthworm, Eisenia andrei, also called the red Californian worm.

Biohumus is a highly effective environmentally friendly organic fertilizer.

It includes:

humus (from 20% to 40%);
useful bacteria, favorable for plant growth and improving soil structure (20,000 billion colonies in 1 liter);
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals;
microelements: copper, zinc, manganese, calcium, sodium, etc .;
humic, fulvic and gimatomelanoic acids;
vitamins, amino acids;
enzymes, phytoalexins – natural soil antibiotics, phytohormones – substances necessary for the growth and development of plants.
All these components of biohumus due to the natural processing of manure by the worm are found in a form easily digestible for plants, shrubs and trees. This contributes to reducing the timing of germination of seeds, accelerating the growth and flowering of plants, reducing the period of fruit ripening, provides strong immunity against bacterial and putrefactive diseases, increases their resistance to unfavorable weather conditions.

For all questions, please contact:

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